Introducing our new addition to the JoBenavi Photography services inc.:  Yay! PhotoBooth!


Yay! PhotoBooth will capture those crazy, fun and unpredictable photobooth pictures taken at your wedding inside a special corner of the room ! Prints are made within seconds and we have all kinds of packages for this addition such as an extra album to paste all those crazy, wacky and funny images . Invite your friends to join and let us take care of the creative process!Strips are made as 2x6's with the title of your special event on the bottom or the name of your company as well. A copy is given to the guests and another copy will be pasted unto a beautiful black cardboard album. Call or text for more information. This is a new addition so be the first to have your Complete Wedding package along with Yay! PhotoBooth!Prices starting at $450 Call or text 956-909-8579